Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Week 67

"The thing to remember about the Atonement, just like is sponsor Jesus Christ, it is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.
The Atonement has 3 main factors.
1. It covers ALL SIN. It is not limited to only a few transgressions. Adultery, murder, and so forth can and will be forgiven to the truly repentant.
2. It covers ALL LIVING BEINGS. From all those who have lived, are living, and will live. To every living creature, plant, and blade of grass. To ALL of God's infinite creation. Not just this world but all worlds. The Atonement is for all that is alive.
3. The Atonement will ALWAYS BE THERE. It will never fail. It extends to the deepest corner of eternities creation all the way to where nothingness is all that is present. No matter where you go in life, the Saviour is there to forgive you.
Always remember that admittance to sin is the acknowledgment of the Atonement. Confession of sin is how to obtain the key to forgiveness. Repentance, true and sincere, following confession, is the use of the key that brings a remission of sin. Then, in humility allowing oneself to be overcome with the Holy Ghost, you can have a mighty change and become a "new creature in Christ." There will be no more desire, no more will, no more want for sin. You will truly "fear sin." You will gain new perspective, a fullness of understanding and virtue, and most of all, a brighter and warmer testimony than ever before. COME UNTO CHRIST. DO NOT FEAR YOU PRIESTHOOD LEADERS. DO NOT FEAR GOD. All will be well. Because the Atonement is for you, me, and every other living thing that has been created in the eternities."

-Me, 17/8/15

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  1. Sorry if you get this twice I forgot I had to sign in :)

    Thank you for this amazing reminder , I have learned this lesson a lot on my first year of post-secondary and am sure ill keep learning it. Thank you for all you continue to do as well :)