Monday, 29 December 2014

Week 34 Pics


Spider! Eeek!
Trade-off with Elder Palmer
"Formal" Dinner with Zone Leaders

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Week 34

December 30th 2014

What an amazing Christmas. Christmas breakfast was spent with the McNaught's. Sis McNaught even got us normal bacon (because Aussie bacon is just ham) and CANADIAN MAPLE SYRUP! She served her mission in eastern Canada so it's pretty cool to talk about her mission with her. Following that we called home via skype. So it was great to see how much everyone has changed over the past 7 months. Especially Carter. Next we went to lunch with the Davies. They invited their non-member friend, Mari, and she was super excited to hear the gospel and to read the Book of Mormon. After those activities we decided to head back to the flat to take a nap. Then we went to the Shaw's for Christmas. Brother Shaw is the Bishop and an amazing man and example to me. I have learned a lot from him. This Christmas I was especially able to feel of the love of Christ and to learn the importance of family and friends. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and were able to learn more of His birth and divine mission as our Saviour.

JANUARY 1ST 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014 was an excellent year full of change, miracles, and many important events in my life. At this stage I am very happy, or at least doing my best to be. Occasionally things have been rough but it's nothing I haven't been able to handle I am certainly looking forward to 2015, an entire year to spend serving my mission. Learning, growing, and becoming more like Christ. I look to live the rest of my life from this point on as nobly and boldly as I possibly can. Not worrying about mistakes, the past, or the future. Letting God take me where I need to go and guiding me in what to do. Never complaining and never letting faith waiver. No matter what my situation is. I love Christ and my Father above and that is what will bring true happiness and everlasting joy.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Week 33 Pics

The ABM! (Less 2 zones that couldn't make it)
Christmas Skype call!!! 

Some Aussie stuff Logan is collecting along the way!

Friday, 26 December 2014

Week 33

December 21st 2014

It's been a great week! It has also been a very tiring one. On Thursday I went on trade-off with an Elder from Scotland, Elder Palmer. He was Elder Motuliki's trainer! Then on Saturday I was on trade-off with Elder Garcia. They were both great learning experiences. Today in church we had one of our investigators, Terry, attend for the first time. Then we watched the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional and had a linger-longer.

December 24th 2014

Christmas has been great so far! On the 22nd the Mandla's took us to the Australia Zoo up on the Sunshine Coast. Then on the 23rd we had our Christmas themed zone conference with the whole mission. It was a very spiritual experience. Today we spent Christmas Eve with the Mandla's. They got us presents to! Paul and Alana are so loving and caring. They definitely helped remove any feelings of homesickness out of my heart and have filled me with the spirit of Christ.