Monday, 20 April 2015

Week 50 Pics

Week 50

Catch up time... I had an amazing last week in Camp Hill. Yes... I finally got transferred. It was sad to say goodbye to those with whom I formed relationships with. But we have the miracle of Facebook for when I get home! Normally transfer calls are on Sunday evenings, but I got a call on Saturday. That's because I got flown up to the beautiful Paradise of Townsville, Northern Queensland! So Monday morning I got dropped off at the airport, which I didn't think I'd go there for another 11 months, and said farewell! It is way hot and way humid here but I am surviving. I companion is Elder Jason C. Williamson from Ripon, California. He is amazing!

We had an an awesome miracle. We were trying to teach a less-active who's name is Elaine. She has been struggling with the death of her mother recently and we haven't been able to see her, but we finally got an appointment. When we taught her, her son Tommy, his girlfriend Carly, and Elaine's younger son Patrick, they all sat in and listened as well. Carly was especially interested and started asking so many questions of the soul. As we connected, the Spirit was manifest and planted a seed deep into all of their hearts. At the end of the lesson, Tommy, Carly, and Patrick committed to be baptized on the 16th of May. It was incredible. We also have 7 others that are/will be put on date in the coming month. The Lord has prepared this area. Elaine and the three kids came to church yesterday and loved it. They all asked so many questions about the sacrament, what the talks were about, and so forth. It is amazing up here!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Week 49

We get to Skype in a couple weeks woot woot! I am so sick of summer but going home in March is gonna suck. I'm gonna die. Weather here is worse haha. (hotter)I'm getting way tanned though. It's supposed to be beautiful in a couple weeks though. In the words of President: "Only the best go up North" It's pretty amazing up here. We also cover a small branch of 10 members called Ayr. So we plan on staying there for a week at some point this transfer. They haven't had missionaries visit in years. Today we are going with the Montagues and the sisters, to have a picnic on The Strand and then to go to Castle Hill. There is SO much to do here. Then we are kidnapping Elder Williamson for his birthday next P-Day and going to the Billabong sanctuary. Then hopefully in a couple weeks we will go to Ayr and baptize someone for the first time in 8 years. The thing is about up north is that we get to do different things than those down south. It's pretty awesome. Most stay here for 6 months. So we shall see what happens. President's email this week.... "I sent you and Williamson to break records and baptize". 

Week 49 Pics

Weekly planning with the Montagues.
Each branch up north has a senior couple.
The sisters arrived after Logan did, they had to drive the 15hrs.