Sunday, 28 September 2014

Week 21 Pics

Week 21 Pics

Week 21 - Weird Stuff. Happy Birthday Carter!

September 26th 2014

What a crazy day yesterday. The first thing that happened was a guy that was driving by us threw a lemon at me. He didn't even say anything!! He just threw a lemon at me. WHY DID HE EVEN HAVE A LEMON!?!? Australians are crazy people. The next thing that happened was that our mini-missionary and I who was with us for the week went to go up to knock a door. The guy answers, starts running to the back door of his house and says "sorry boys"! Immediately the Spirit tells me to run soooo we ran! We sprinted past Elder Layton, who was looking awfully confused, and told him to leave. Then to top the day off my bike tyre pops... again! I think that's number 8 or 9 now. Always a fun time on the mish!

September 27th 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER!!! You are 14! It's crazy for me to think how old you are getting. You are becoming a brave warrior in our God's army. You will continue to do great things as you take on new priesthood responsibilities as a teacher. As you heed to the teachings of our Saviour, you will learn the ways of Heaven. Continue to be loving and humble in all you say and do. I love you. Keep being awesome!

Love Elder Bullock :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Week 20 Pics Part 2

Samoan Biscuit

Elder Layton

Logan's T-shirt design - he's getting this made for the district

"an organized planner is a happy planner"

Week 20 Pics Part 1

Baptism Day! 

Week 20 - Another Soul Converted To Christ

September 21st 2014
What an exciting week! Every single day I have been flat out exhausted! I LOVE IT! The most rewarding part of the day is getting home and reflecting on everything that happened that day. We found a less-active member named Patrick Knight. His partner and kids are all non-members! He does t-shirt printing for work so we are going to get some t-shirts for our district.Which would be awesome since I have been here for so long. Yesterday was Bastian Hanson's baptism! What an amazing experience and a great result of our efforts put into that wonderful family. We love and care about them very much and are so grateful to have Bastian enter the cleansing waters of baptism and for him to recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost which he asked me to give him. I look forward to helping others over this next week take those same steps that Christ has taken to come closer to our Father in Heaven. I absolutely love this marvelous work and the mighty change it brings upon others and myself.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Week 19 - Sanctifying Ourselves

September 11th 2014
Late Tuesday night, as Elder Layton and I were going to bed, he asked me a question that I didn't expect. "What can I do to be a better district leader? How can I experience mighty change?" I didn't really know how to answer so as we worked the following day, I prayed and sought an answer. Also that morning, I was studying a part of lesson 4 in Preach My Gospel chapter 3. I was on the Law of Chastity and came accross the word "fidelity". In the topical guide, fidelity refers to commitment, dedication, dependability, loyalty, perseverance, steadfastness, and trustworthiness. I want to be all of those things and exercise those attributes. I want to be loyal to God and I want Him to trust me. As I prayed I recieved an answer I didn't expect. Wake up at 6, exercise, and start studying by 7:30. I am starting to realize the differences between an obedient missionary and a consecrated missionary. Truly dedicating ALL of my time to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, will help me experience even more of the mighty change.There is a lot of time wasted morning and night so I am going to use all of that time. To speed up my process to be the absolute best missionary I can be. With God, I can truly do anything. I will however, only get as much out as I put in. So I am going to put in everything. Not just for the blessings, but because I really do love Heavenly Father and My brother Jesus Christ. i will become SANCTIFIED. Helaman 3:35
Things have been well. We are preparing for a baptism this Saturday! It is for Bastian Hanson. We have been having dinner with the Hanson's for the past few months and teaching Bastian. They are a family who has recently started coming back to church since I have been visiting them. Every Friday we have "taco night" with them. A delicious, weekly tradition in their family that we are a part of. 

Yesterday in sacrament, Elder Layton and I were asked to give talks based on missionary work.  So I specified and talked on "Our Purpose as Missionaries." What was originally planned to be a 5 minute talk, was taken away by the Holy Ghost and ended up being around 17 minutes. Everyone loved it 
though so all is well that ends well! 

I have really been feeling the love and support from home with a recent package from the 
LeCheminant family as well as a letter from the Trim's. Thank you everyone for you constant love and support! It means a lot!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Week 18 Pics

The Boyz

Saying goodbye to Elder Motuliki

Gosh, Logan is looking thin. 

Week 18 - The Book of Mormon, God Be With You till We Meet Again - Transfers (4/18)

September 4th 2014

The past few days have been great! Our investigators are progressing! FINALLY! Why are they progressing? Because they are reading the Book of Mormon! If you want to have any sort of spiritual development, you need to dive into the Book of Mormon. It is a springboard to revelation from God. It will propel you to success, happiness, and will help you overcome trials in life.

Today we had a trade-off with one of the AP's! Elder Tino! He is the man. I learned that it is so important to TEACH PEOPLE, NOT LESSONS! And not just during appointments, but at every single door we knock. That way, the Spirit will always use us to ask inspired questions and discern their needs at the doorstep. Thus, allowing their hearts to be softened and allowing us to teach them. It's amazing how exhausting a full effort is. At the end of the day we had a trade-off review. He said I need to work on teaching people, not lessons. He said my strengths were that I am enthusiastic, positive, and authoritative. That I have all the qualities of a great leader. Which is really scary.

September 8th 2014


Elders Herry, Layton, and Bullock are staying!

6 months in Waterford for this guy!!!!

Elder Motuliki is going :'(

I am gonna miss that guy. He is the man. Easily my favourite Tongan. He is one of my best friends on the mission. He was the last one to go out of those I was with when I started. I almost cried saying goodbye to him. He is a great missionary and will smash his next area.