Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Week 29

November 24th 2014
We had a pretty good week. Monday morning started off with a special devotional with Elder Nielsen. It was the missionaries and all of the temple workers and it went over missionary, temple, and family history work. The zones attending were ourselves of course Centenary, Logan, and E.M.P. So I got to see Elder Layton and catch up with him and find out how Waterford is doing. Other than that this week has been full of knocking doors ad visiting less-actives. I can't believe it's already strong six already! (Week six of the transfer) The transfer is almost done!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 28

Just really quickly, this video is a link to a LDS.ORG video of my ward mission leader, Paul Mandla. It's a very inspiring and testimony building video of the story of his reactivation into the church. Please give it a watch! https://www.lds.org/prophets-and-apostles/unto-all-the-world/a-prodigal-son-returns?cid=HPFR102513131&lang=

November 16th 2014
What an awesome week! It was full of hard yakka!!! We ended the week with record breaking Key Indicators for Conversion. On top of that, we had stake conference with Elder Nielsen and Elder Coward. Just a few notes that really impacted me from Elder Nielsen: Doctrine and Covenants 138:56, the Lord is hastening His work. Are you in or are you out? The Lord is NOT going to wait for you. You can participate or you can sit back and watch. Who are we to hold back the gospel from others. Spiritual experiences are happening around us constantly. Your spiritual eyes and ears must be opened to be part of them. D&C 29:7. Do not let Satan win the battle. YOU WIN THE BATTLE!! YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Think about yourself becoming more engaged in the Lord's hastening of the work. We have a purpose, we have value, we are here for a reason. I cannot wait to go forward into battle over this upcoming week. Hoorah for Israel!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week 27

November 9th 2014
I had a really great week! It started off with a trade-off with the one and only Elder Kreth! It was awesome to catch up with him only a few months later. Either of us didn't realize how much we have grown since then. It was a great experience. Tonight, we visited a less-active named Adam. He hasn't been very confident in his beliefs as of late so we are trying to change that. The method we are using is for him to teach us. So last week we left him with the assignment to teach us the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tonight was the night and he did incredibly well! He taught everything from his own words and truly had the spirit with him. As he bore testimony of the authenticity and power of the Book of Mormon, we both started to shed a few tears. It was one of the most powerful witnesses of the Book of Mormon I have ever heard. It is incredible how moving a simple book testifying of Jesus Christ can be. I know the Book of Mormon to be the most true book in the world. I know for a fact that it was translated by the power of God through a modern day prophet named Joseph Smith. This is my short testimony of it, in Christ's name, amen.

Week 26

October 31st

I found this while studying this morning and really enjoyed it. "Your Heavenly Father will not fail to give unto you whatsoever ye ask of Him: -JST Luke 11:5-6. Things have been well so far. There are a few struggles but other than those all is well. Despite hard times and it feeling like I restarted my whole mission, I am as happy as ever. I have the strength to continue in exact obedience to the mission rules and because of that, I am receiving many blessings from my Heavenly Father. Tonight we had a ward trunk or treat. None of the kids understood why it was called a trunk or treat because in Australia they call "trunks" "boots". It was hilarious. As I have gotten to know the ward members better, I have been feeling a lot better about everything. We have been very blessed with the miracle of finding a couple of new people to teach. This area is hard but it is certainly rewarding! I really look forward to this upcoming week.


What a momentous occasion yesterday. Under the direction on the First Presidency and the Area Presidency, the entire Pacific area had an area wide fast for missionary work! All of November is dedicated to missionary work in the area and concludes with a special Sacrament meeting on the last Sunday of November. These things are preparing everyone in the area to help the Lord in His mighty work. There are many miracles to come in our missions effort to once again strive for 100 CONVERT BAPTISMS in this wonderful month of "REMEMBER NOVEMBER". May we all remember the sacrifice of our Older Brother, Jesus Christ.