Monday, 26 January 2015

Week 38 - A Very Special Service Activity For Elder Bullock

A family in our home ward here in Airdrie, has a family member buried in Mt. Gravatt, very near to where Logan is serving. They asked if he could find some time to purchase some flowers and visit her gravesite. He did and here are the pictures he took while there. He told me he felt very flattered to do it and teared up while there as he felt the spirit.

This spring, the church youth in our region will be participating in a similar service activity, only in epic proportions. They will be visiting a lot of local cemeteries and taking thousands pictures of the headstones and graves to share with those family members abroad who have most likely never been able to see their family member's gravesite.

After relaying the messages back and forth to Logan and then receiving the pictures he took, I can see how very important this is. I teared up as well, viewing the pictures and knowing how Logan has helped that family. I can't wait for Logan's siblings, Madi and Carter, to do the same in just a couple of months, right here at home.

Week 38 Pics

Week 38

January 21st 2015

I was really humbled last night. As we returned to our flat we began to do our daily planning session. As we finished, Elder Katta gave me a really big hug and said "thank you for everything." A little confused I asked what do you mean everything? He replied "Thank you for teaching me and helping me." I was honored. It feels so good to know I am truly making a difference. Later on today, while finding, we got a call to go to a hospital to give a sister a blessing. The spirit was very strong as I pronounced her healing and used the divine powers of the Holy Priesthood. She is elderly and this is her third operation within a week’s time. This surgery was unexpected. After the blessing Sister Dennisen, her two daughters, two granddaughters, and great grandson were all in tears. It was an experience I will never forget.

January 24th 2015

What a fun day! First we went and helped a sister pack up to move. We ended up inheriting a bunch of church books. We took what we wanted and gave the rest to the ward. Then we went to an appointment with a couple of less-actives, Jack and Melva. Following that it was the first annual Camp Hill ward Ping Pong Tournament. I got knocked out on the first round :'( But it was better that way because we had an appointment to go to :) It was a dinner appointment with a less active family and they made the BEST lasagna (almost as good as mum's) and lamingtons I've ever had. It was a fun day!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Week 37 Pics

Cleveland Zone T-shirt

New Companion Elder Katta from Chuuk, Micronesia

Week 37

January 15th 2015

Exciting times! Transfers were on the 13th! Elder Higham got transferred to... WATERFORD EMP!!! MY OLD AREA!!! It's pretty cool that he went there. I am still in Camp Hill 1 with a new companion, Elder Katta. I am doing his follow-up training. He is from Chuuk, Micronesia. I really look forward to helping him out in any way I can. This transfer is going to be a good one. And it's only 4 weeks long! So I gotta make it last! This afternoon, I took Elder Katta to a member's house. Tony, the member, pretended to be an investigator so we could help Elder Katta (and myself) improve his teaching/English. After we got out of the lesson Elder Katta was very excited to have such a powerful lesson. We then circled around and stopped at Brother Baptista's (Tony) house to visit him. It was a great experience for the three of us. It helped us all learn something new.

January 18th 2015

What a mega-miraculous super-stupendous week! We hit an all time high teaching record this week! Between our member present lessons, our less-active/recent convert lessons, and our other lessons, we taught.............. 28 LESSONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And because of our diligence, I am exhausted!! Not only that but it is WAY TOO HOT HERE! I almost passed out the other day. I need to drink heaps of water. Everyone says that A: this is a really hot summer and B: This is as hot/humid as it gets. So there is some hope for me. I honestly prefer -40 vs. +40.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Week 36 - Transfers! (7/18)

So Logan didn't send me an actual blog entry but I will share part of what he wrote me.

Transfer news! 

President called me yesterday before the transfer and was like "Elder Bullock... You know I love you. And that's why you are getting a lot of responsibility...again." 

Being Senior Companion is annoying if your companion doesn't want to work. But Elder Katta had a really good first trainer so hopefully he is going to have some work ethic. If not, I'll love him into working :)

Elder Higham went to WATERFORD!!!!!!!! He is in my old area! CRAZY! 

My new companion is Elder Katta. He is from Chuuk, Micronesia. He has been out for 6 weeks. I will be teaching him English and I am finishing training him, so it should be fun. I get to be the driver now as well! 

I also received this email from President:

Elder Bullock,

Proud of you Elder Bullock. You love your companion and use your unity to see miracles. It takes great work and diligence. It will always matter in your eternal progression. Your enthusiasm for the standards warms my heart.

Love you,

President Henderson

Monday, 5 January 2015

Week 35 Pics

McDonald's Delivery!!

Trade-off with Elder Palmer

Spiders! Size of Logan's hand!