Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Week 42 - Cyclone Maria

Logan didn't send a blog post this week. We did email each other however. He told me he and his companion were fine during and after the storm. I think he is too busy! He spent a lot of time sand-bagging areas and now will be dawning the yellow helping hands tee shirt for clean up. Here are some pics of Cyclone Marcia, which hit north of Brisbane in Rockhampton and Leppoon. (These are not Logan's pics, I'm sure I will get his next week)


" Tropical Cyclone Marcia to reach Category 5 system at landfall”.
Our wonderful Saints and missionaries are safe and well after a cyclone hit land in central Queensland.  The hardest hit was Rockhampton and surrounding areas; there was water damage to the flat and the electricity is out (and could be out for weeks), but the Elders in Rockhampton want to stay and help the community and continue working with their investigators.  It takes more than a Category 5 cyclone to keep the Elders from working!  

There was extensive damage to the area....but the Saints are strong and resilient!   

564 involved fallen trees
492 involved structural damage
111 involved roofs
68 involved flooding
62 involved lack of water Power
50,000 customers still without power in Rockhampton and Yeppoon.
1,800 power lines down across the region.

There was some major flooding all around the region, but nothing stops the missionaries from working! 

Torrential rain forecast: Heavy rain led to flash flooding, with some 24 hour totals  in excess of 300 millimetres on the coast and nearby ranges.  AND IT RAINED FOR 48 HOURS STRAIGHT HERE IN BRISBANE!  


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Week 41 Pics...A Lot of Pics!! (TEMPLE PREPARATION DAY)

Week 41

Feb 18th 2015

I have been pretty slack in my journal writing/updates home but I will do my best to keep emailing the miracles/funny things that happen. I am doing great however! Just super busy. Over the past week and a bit some stuff has happened. For example, our car got vandalized. Someone broke off our right mirror and left us some dents. For a while things on the teaching side of the work really picked up! We ended up with 4th most improved area in the mission! I attribute that to my new companion's assistance. HARD YAKKA BABY! Yesterday was interviews. Before interviews we get training from President Henderson. The training was on conversion. To start off he says "I am going to embarrass Elder Bullock for a moment. I have known Elder Bullock since he has gotten here... SURPRISE! Not really. Since Elder Bullock has been here he has changed. He has become a new Elder Bullock. A man of great stature that loves the Lord. He is a new Bullock. He is like a bull with new horns charging into conversion and the work thereof." I seriously don't know where President Henderson comes up with these jokes every time he speaks. I love the man so much! I am really looking forward to the rest of this transfer! LOVE YOU ALL

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Week 40 Pics

Slightly empty but healthy!
Cleveland Zone February 2015
Studying too hard! 

Week 40 - Transfers! (8/18)

Feb 3rd 2015

Last night was awesome! We taught our new investigator Victor. He.. is ... GOLDEN!!! He was constantly asking these amazing questions of the soul. The spirit was so strong. At the end of the lesson he committed to reading the Book of Mormon and preying about it and Joseph Smith. Then we invited him to be baptized. He said "of course, if it's true" And we know that it is! So I have a lot of faith that he will enter the waters of baptism.

Feb 8th 2015

Transfers: (A 4 week transfer for a Pacific 

Elder Katta...STAYING

6 months in Camp Hill! Half my mission is pretty well gone! Only in two areas as well! I really look forward to what the Lord has in store for me over the next 8 weeks. Hopefully I can manage a baptism in this area before I do eventually leave. I am pretty excited to stay in the ward!

Feb 10th 2015

We taught Victor again last night. As we sat down with him and Richard, our fellowship and the Young Men's President, Vic said, “hold on a sec guys.” He came back holding a mug and exclaimed, "gotta have my evening coffee!" We all knew that our original lesson-plan of salvation was going to be changed. As we taught the Word of Wisdom he didn't seem too confident at first. Then Richard said something pretty powerful, "These two represent the Savior of the world. If Christ was sitting in front of you and asked you to quit drinking coffee, would you?" Victor replies with "Of course I would, and I will stop as of now." When we went to close our meeting, Victor prayed and pleaded for the powers of Heaven to be able to eradicate his addiction to sin. It was an incredible experience. I am so glad I didn't get transferred so I can continue to teach Victor!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Week 39 Pics

Mini Me!

My comp being silly!

Week 39

February 2nd 2015

What a wonderful week! Full of the typical and unwavering hard yakka + a bit extra. On Saturday, we spent all day trying to get in contact with referrals and trying to find people to teach. We ended up with three new investigators! Other than that not too much has been going on. It's the last week of the transfer so I am excited to see whether I will be here for six months or if I will leave. I guess we will see what the Lord has in store soon enough!