Thursday, 29 October 2015

Week 77

In response to an email I sent:

Thanks mum. I needed to hear that. This past week has been great. I have been able to put my head down and just work hard. The Lord is doing wondrous things with me. I only pray that I will keep these changes. I have committed myself to never play video games again, for example. I will be a lot more selective with other entertainment. I have changed. I am happy. Just know that I am okay. I love you. More than I have expressed. I wish I could redo some things but I really don't have many regrets. 3 transfers left. I'm going to succeed no matter what :) Every day I learn more and more about what you have been trying to teach me all my life. Thank you. Oh by the way, I am going to move to Niue after my mission. It's a small as island where living is free and I will never be bothered again haha. Jokes. I'd miss you too much. Unless you want to come with me :P

Week 77 - Pics

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Week 76 - Pics

Week 75

Seriously, can he be this busy??? This is what I got this week!!!

Aye mum! Had a good week. Is it getting cold back home yet? It's starting to warm up like crazy. Feels like the weather back up in T-Ville. I love you lots! Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Week 74

The past few weeks have been good :) but more so the past few days have been great! The area is pumpin! We are working with a few new investigators and part-member families. We are also working on getting a few of our less-actives back to church. It's been going well thus far. My new companion is Elder Fankhauser from Hamilton, New Zealand. He is the man. He is super enthusiastic about the work. I really need it haha :) As a district leader I have to run district meeting and do trainings, follow-up with my district daily to help them stand more accountable for what they do, and just be able to help out any way I can :) It's nothing to difficult but it is teaching me a lot.

Week 73 - Pics

Goodbye Elder Hillyer
New Companion Elder Fankhouser
New Flatmate Elder Lauaki