Thursday, 29 October 2015

Week 77

In response to an email I sent:

Thanks mum. I needed to hear that. This past week has been great. I have been able to put my head down and just work hard. The Lord is doing wondrous things with me. I only pray that I will keep these changes. I have committed myself to never play video games again, for example. I will be a lot more selective with other entertainment. I have changed. I am happy. Just know that I am okay. I love you. More than I have expressed. I wish I could redo some things but I really don't have many regrets. 3 transfers left. I'm going to succeed no matter what :) Every day I learn more and more about what you have been trying to teach me all my life. Thank you. Oh by the way, I am going to move to Niue after my mission. It's a small as island where living is free and I will never be bothered again haha. Jokes. I'd miss you too much. Unless you want to come with me :P

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