Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Week 89

Can I give some goal setting advice that I have learned? Goals aren't just about following a certain program to reach a high point. They are steps to become something. You need to apply the goal in everything you do.

S- Specific. Make sure it is absolutely definite on what you are trying to do. There is a clear objective in mind.

M- Measureable. You can accurately measure the progress you make.

A- Appraisable. What is the goal worth? Is it really worthwhile? How much time should you invest into the goal?

R- Reachable. Is the goal able to be accomplished? What means are necessary to hit the goal?

T- Time-oriented. What is the time frame of the goal? How long do you have to achieve it?

It's also important to tell yourself you are already there.  

Pro. 23: 7 "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he"

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