Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 28

Just really quickly, this video is a link to a LDS.ORG video of my ward mission leader, Paul Mandla. It's a very inspiring and testimony building video of the story of his reactivation into the church. Please give it a watch!

November 16th 2014
What an awesome week! It was full of hard yakka!!! We ended the week with record breaking Key Indicators for Conversion. On top of that, we had stake conference with Elder Nielsen and Elder Coward. Just a few notes that really impacted me from Elder Nielsen: Doctrine and Covenants 138:56, the Lord is hastening His work. Are you in or are you out? The Lord is NOT going to wait for you. You can participate or you can sit back and watch. Who are we to hold back the gospel from others. Spiritual experiences are happening around us constantly. Your spiritual eyes and ears must be opened to be part of them. D&C 29:7. Do not let Satan win the battle. YOU WIN THE BATTLE!! YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Think about yourself becoming more engaged in the Lord's hastening of the work. We have a purpose, we have value, we are here for a reason. I cannot wait to go forward into battle over this upcoming week. Hoorah for Israel!

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