Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Week 41

Feb 18th 2015

I have been pretty slack in my journal writing/updates home but I will do my best to keep emailing the miracles/funny things that happen. I am doing great however! Just super busy. Over the past week and a bit some stuff has happened. For example, our car got vandalized. Someone broke off our right mirror and left us some dents. For a while things on the teaching side of the work really picked up! We ended up with 4th most improved area in the mission! I attribute that to my new companion's assistance. HARD YAKKA BABY! Yesterday was interviews. Before interviews we get training from President Henderson. The training was on conversion. To start off he says "I am going to embarrass Elder Bullock for a moment. I have known Elder Bullock since he has gotten here... SURPRISE! Not really. Since Elder Bullock has been here he has changed. He has become a new Elder Bullock. A man of great stature that loves the Lord. He is a new Bullock. He is like a bull with new horns charging into conversion and the work thereof." I seriously don't know where President Henderson comes up with these jokes every time he speaks. I love the man so much! I am really looking forward to the rest of this transfer! LOVE YOU ALL

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