Sunday, 15 March 2015

Week 45

March 16 2015

Not a lot has happened in a month since I officially wrote something, believe it or not. President Henderson has a quote and he says "Never get discouraged in the grind, for in the grind the divine are refined." I have most definitely been experiencing "the grind" and on the opposite side of that, I have also been refined. And continually being refined. This past week we had Zone Conference and once again President talked openly about me in front of everyone. "Most people grow an inch, (spiritually) sometimes two, maybe even a foot, but Elder Bullock is a new man altogether.'

The week was pretty rough other than that. It started with 4 fake referrals and then a fake potential. Satan is toying with us. Despite all of that it ended miraculously. On Saturday, Elder Wilding (Zone Leader) came on a trade-off with me. That day we got two potentials! It was great to finally find someone to teach. Then the next morning at church, the McNaughts (best family ever) brought a mother and her son to church! It was amazing to see! A lot happened in two days. I was almost overwhelmed. Miracles are finally happening in Camp Hill!

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