Monday, 6 April 2015

Week 48 - Transfers (9/18)

So I don't really have heaps to say. On Saturday we were on a trade-off with Elder Livingston. Knowing that transfers were coming up we were working really hard to get everything we could done. Then all of the sudden I got a call from the Assistants to the President...they called to tell me I am flying up north to Townsville. So here I am. Up north, in the country, in a branch, just me and my companion...IT IS  AWESOME! I am super excited to be here. Very few missionaries get sent to the Northern Zone so I am one of the lucky ones. Things here are really different. It was also really weird to be on a plane. I didn't think I would have to go to the airport for at least another year. But here I am! I am pumped. My companion's name is Elder Jason Williamson and he is from Ripon, California. An American companion that is not from Utah. Amazing right? Townsville is a paradise. It right on the edge of the country and surrounded by islands and the Great Barrier Reef. There will be lots of photos. I will miss Camp Hill and the families there dearly, but I am glad to be out of the city. Townsville watch out, here I come! ITS HOT IN TOWNSVILLE AND REALLY HUMID. Only President's, in his words, "Best" go up North... so apparently I'm doing alright. Yayayaya Baptizing area!!

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