Sunday, 12 April 2015

Week 49

We get to Skype in a couple weeks woot woot! I am so sick of summer but going home in March is gonna suck. I'm gonna die. Weather here is worse haha. (hotter)I'm getting way tanned though. It's supposed to be beautiful in a couple weeks though. In the words of President: "Only the best go up North" It's pretty amazing up here. We also cover a small branch of 10 members called Ayr. So we plan on staying there for a week at some point this transfer. They haven't had missionaries visit in years. Today we are going with the Montagues and the sisters, to have a picnic on The Strand and then to go to Castle Hill. There is SO much to do here. Then we are kidnapping Elder Williamson for his birthday next P-Day and going to the Billabong sanctuary. Then hopefully in a couple weeks we will go to Ayr and baptize someone for the first time in 8 years. The thing is about up north is that we get to do different things than those down south. It's pretty awesome. Most stay here for 6 months. So we shall see what happens. President's email this week.... "I sent you and Williamson to break records and baptize". 

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