Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Week 5

June 8th 2014
The craziest things happen when I go on trade-offs... I was with Elder Motuliki and we were out finding. We were walking down this really long drive way and all the sudden Motuliki starts to run. I turn around to discover a massive dog lunging at me. Then out of no where Motuliki comes from behing, running at the dog, and smashes it with his water bottle. As it turns back to come at me again I whip my bag of my shouldar and am ready to smash it. I point at it and say "GO". The dog instantly turns and runs away. Thanks to Motuliki I didn't end up in the hospital. I'm gonna have to warn people before the go on trade-offs with me. Other than that little experience it's been an awesome week. T.K. an 11 yr. old boy, is going to get baptized hopefully! As long as his mom supports him :P We even found out his dad is being taught about 3 hours up north in Stanthorpe. So he wants to come to the baptism. The Manuel's have their wedding this weekend. Which means they are getting baptized in two weeeekksss!!!! Jody, Jamall, and Nadia, and now Jamalls little sister Mikyla are doing so well. They seem really commited to baptism so now we just have to get them to church.The big problem is that Jody and Nadia are just "partners". It drives me nuts. No one gets married here. Which mean they are breaking the law of chastity which means no baptism. Oh well. So many great things are happening. Missionary work is truly the best work.  I can feel everyone's prayers for me as I go about the work. May we all see miracles in the upcoming weeks!
June 11th 2014
PDAY! TEMPLE! TEMPLE PDAY! What an awesome day. Except the getting up at 4:30 part to make the train. I forgot my camera so theres no pictures. Next transfer though. Here is a video from my mission orientation!
Love you all!

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