Monday, 16 June 2014

Week 6 -- Transfers! (2/18)

June 14th 2014
This past week has been great! All of our investigators are going really well. Yesterday me and Elder Hanson took a four hour trip to Brisbane and picked up our car after two weeks without it. It is so nice to finally have it back. Then today was the Manuel's wedding!!!!! Which means they can get baptized! My first baptism :D I am so excited for them. After the wedding we went to Elder Hanson's and Motuliki's baptism. It was fun. The four of us sang "How Great Thou Art"and everyone said it was really good. Although they might have just been being nice to us. After that me and Elder Kreth took the car and drove around and cleared up the ward list. Heaps of people yelled at us and what not but it's more entertaining than anything. It's the last day of my first transfer already. I'm really excited to find out what happens! I would love to stay. If it follows pattern I would be the Elder who stays in this area for six months but who knows! I'll be cheery wherever the Lord needs me!
June 15th 2014
[Recorded Live 10:05 PM]
I'm sitting here waiting for the call first transfer call! Elder Kreth is on the phone...
Elder Motuliki is... STAYING
Elder Hanson is... GOING
Elder Kreth is... STAYING
I am... STAYING!
Woohooo! I am so pumped to smash this next transfer.

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