Sunday, 13 July 2014

Week 10 - idunnowhattocallthis1!

July 7th 2014
Today was amazing. After zone p-day we went to the Jackson's for dinner. They are a less active family. Sister Jackson, her two children Gavin and Felisha, and Gavin's daughter Gemma, and Felisha's son Zaviar. Gemma is not a member and hasn't been very keen on learning. After dinner, Elder Kreth started by reading 2NE 25:26 and then we talked about Joseph Smith and what he did and the blessings of the gospel. Then I shared the first vision and it was a pivitol point thus far. I have never been so in tune with the Spirit and Heavenly Father in my life. I have never taught someone that has been so prepared for the message. I felt that God and Christ were with me as I testified of the truthfulness of the gospel. It brought tears to mine, and Gemma's eyes as well. I know that this is the truth.
July 11th 2014
Miracle! So theres a family that was baptized just before I got here. The Stehlin family. They are really awesome and like to feed us every Sunday.  So "Uncle", everyone calls him that but his name is really Johan, had a really bad kidney stone that wasn't moving and causing him heaps of pain. So he asked me and Elder Kreth to give him a blessing. About 4-6 days later he was fine and didn't even need to take the medication he was given. It's gone! God's power is incredible.
July 12th 2014
"Sometimes the only way to get from A to C, is by way of B." -Elder Holland
Today was the Manuel's baptism!!! FINALLY!!! What an amazing experience. The spirit was there constantly. President and Sister Henderson even came! He always brings such an amazing testimony of the gospel wherever and whenever. I have accomplished what I set out to do on my mission. Guide at least one soul unto Christ. Anything from this is just extra :) Unfourtunately I am really sick... again. So after the baptism I was really fatigued. So after a few hours of rest and some light dinner, I 
went and asked Carpenter Tou, who lives in the same complex as us, to assist Elder Kreth in giving me a blessing. In Elder Kreth's blessing he said " will know the purpose of your trials." So after the blessing I decided to watch some Mormon Messages. And I came across the message with the quote from Elder Holland. So much of my life makes sense now. Sometimes Heavenly Father gives us a learning experience so that we might know that the path we are on is the correct one. I know that EVERYTHING we are given in life is for a reason. I know that despite my past trials I needed them to be sure and steadfast of the path I am currently on. So that without a fragment of doubt or misunderstanding or fear, I will be able to follow my Saviour and Master, Jesus Christ.
Faith without works is dead. And works without faith are pointless. Today is p-day :)
Yesterday was Paul, Sarah, and Tre's confirmation. It was such a blessing to stand around them with my hands on their heads. Following sacrament Paul and Tre got their Priesthood, and all three of 
them got their temple recommends. Which means we get to go to the temple with them soon! And President Henderson told me that in a year's time I would be allowed to go throught the temple with Paul and Sarah :) I cannot wait for that day. It will be awesome to see how much all of us have changed and grown since this day.

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