Monday, 28 July 2014

Week 12 Transfers! (3/18)

Happy Birthday MOM! You're and old lady haha. I want you to know that a lot of who I am is because of you. Me and Elder Motuliki went on trade-offs a week ago and went to visit the Dunn family. Sister Dunn asked us a question that of course made me think of you. "How has your mother prepared you the most for your mission." There are heaps of things and I couldnt even come close to listing half of them so this was my answer. I think that the biggest thing is Christlike love. One of the most impactful things you have said to me is "Treat your sister the way you want her future husband to treat her." As I talked with Sister Dunn I started to realize how much that simple phrase really means. I've come to know many things on my mission so far but one of them is very key to this great and marvelous work. You CAN'T force anyone to do anything, but you can love them into doing it. I now know the way I want Madi, you, my family and friends, and everyone else to be treated,  is to be treated the way Christ treats us. If you can learn to not judge and love everyone no matter what, you will want to go and serve a mission. You will have the desire to help people by sharing with them the restored gospel. My testimony is built on a foundation of love. It continues to expound based on the strength of the growth of that foundation. Just like a seed, my desire to love and serve others has taken root and within me and is growing speedily. Mom I want to bear my testimony that this is the truth. I was "born of goodly parents" that have raised me well and shown me the greatness is following Christ. I love you and I love our family. I love these wonderful people in Australia. Most of all I love my Saviour and my Heavenly Father. In the beloved name of Jesus Christ, amen.
TRANSFERS!!! I'M NOT IN TRAINING ANYMORE WOOT WOOT (Just kidding I'm always training for the next trial haha)
Motuliki, Herry, and myself are staying!
Elder Kreth is going to Brisbane Zone, Brackenridge.
My new companion is Elder Michael Layton, from Glenwood, Alberta! TEAM CANADA BABY

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