Monday, 6 October 2014

Week 22 - Zone Conference & No Regrets!

OCTOBER 3rd 2014
Yesterday was Zone Conference!!! It was our zone, Eight Mile Plains and the Logan zone. I learned so much and felt the spirit greatly. President and Sister Henderson first trained on Lehi's Dream. In the dream, or in life, there are four groups of people.The multitudes trying to get to the great and spacious building, or longing for a place that they belong and trying to reach worldly fame, which they will never get. Those in the great and spacious, obsessed with the world and trying to do things that give them a temporal satisfaction. Those in the mists and cling to the rod of iron when it's convenient or only when they feel like doing it. And lastly those who hold steadfastly and firmly to the rod, those who stay on the strait and narrow. When the word "strait" is used with that particular spelling, it means stressful, difficult, strenuous, winding, and hard. It isn't "straight" and easy to follow. I know that if I can be firm to the rod and build up my endurance, I will reach the tree of life. We need to focus on the end. To "Begin with the End in Mind". As missionaries, the end goal we have for people isn't just bapstism. It's the temple. The Celestial Glory. Despite the past two weeks being the absolute hardest on my mission thus far, I know God will be there to convert those we teach based purely on my FAITH, OBEDIENCE, then DILIGENCE.
I just finished praying and repenting for the things I have done wrong today. Something that I have learned is that part of becoming "consecrated" is to be clean of everything. Even the unclean thoughts I have had throughout the day. As I reflected on my past choices I thought about things I have done that I regret. Then the Spirit whispered something profound to me. "Regrets are simply experiences that you neglected to learn from." Hopefully that will pierce all of your hearts as greatly as it did mine. I will be sanctified and purified before my Heavenly Father and my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I will live clean and have no regrets!

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