Sunday, 26 October 2014

Week 25

October 27th 2014

We have had a great miracle! On Friday, during an inspired weekly planning session, Elder Higham and I received a call from a lady who sounded very upset. Not knowing who it was, we asked for her address so we could meet her in person because her accent was very difficult to understand. She is a lady named Anita from Sudan who speaks Arabic and a bit of English. When we got to her she explained how another missionary promised to mow her lawn for her. We explained that what we do is we love to teach people about Jesus Christ. She the said that she would love to come to church. She also stated that she wants to learn English more thoroughly as well. So we told her about the English classes we have and she got even more enthusiastic. This area, even though has little going on, has a lot of potential and I greatly look forward to taking advantage of that. We are praying very hard for a "Noble November" baptism.

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