Sunday, 7 December 2014

Week 31

What a crazy week! There used to be two companionship's in the ward but because of a lot of Sister missionaries going home, it's only us now. So our teaching pool has almost tripled! Plus we have to visit the whole ward now! Saturday night was the ward Christmas party. They were missing a couple people for the Nativity so myself and Elder Higham filled the gaps. Higham was an angel and I was the narrator! It was a pretty cool experience. IT STILL DOESN'T FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!

We had a huge miracle yesterday. Two weeks ago, we got a call from a woman who said she got our number off the side of the chapel and wanted to know the details for our Sunday service. She said she would come last Sunday but no luck. Yesterday, a woman walks into sacrament meeting and I didn't recognize her. So I walked up and asked her who she was etc. She said that her brother is a member and she wants to start coming to church and be baptized A.S.A.P!!! Miracles are happening!

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