Monday, 1 December 2014

Week 30 - Transfers! (6/18)

November 28th 2014
Happy Christmas mate! Tis the season but it certainly does not feel like it... AT ALL! On p-day, we go to email and shop at a shopping center and over the past 2 weeks they have put up Chirstmas decorations and are playing Christmas music. It's really nice until I walk outside and it's 35C+ and the sun is blazing. I am being told that this is an extraordinarily hot spring and that 
it doesn't get much worse so that's great. The good news is that I am adjusting fairly well. On top of it all we have been getting the nastiest wind, rain, electrical and hail storms. I really enjoy them! Although they do bring a lot of humidity. We went over to Bro. Mandla's house today to prepare and put together some member-strengthening Christmas packages. He is the man with the plan. With the kind of initiative and leadership Paul Mandla has, we are definitely going to see some miracles. I am getting pretty excited for my first Christmas on my mission!

DECEMBER 2nd 2014
Not to much going on lately. We did however have a crazy as day yesterday. Well, more like my companion did. Elder Higham isn't really afraid of much so he will just walk into yards with dogs in them. So at one door I stayed back and the girl that answered was naked! #onlyinaustralia A few doors later he goes into another one and these dogs were big! 2 German Shepards. He walks past them the first time no problem and heads up the stairs to knock on the door. The dogs stay at the bottom and as soon as he heads down they go berserk. They start barking and nipping and lunging at him. He moves very slowly to the gate being careful not to turn his back on them and I open the gate for him. He managed to survive. I do not know how but he did. Then we later manage to get on the wrong train that took us half an hour in the opposite direction we needed to go. We ended up in a completely different city. It was a fun trip.

Neither me nor Elder Higham got transferred so I get to stay here for Christmas! YAY!

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  1. So very proud of you and great to hear about all your excitement on your travels. What a fantastic learning process, as well as an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. I never hesitate to tell all my friends what you are experiencing "down under". Love you so much....Nana