Sunday, 14 December 2014

Week 32

December 12th 2014

More mission craziness! Monday night we were driving back to the flat and hit a possum! Then when we got back we almost had a fire so that was fun. Not too bad but now a small portion of carpet is burnt. Tuesday morning we woke up to go to district meeting only to find we had a flat tyre. So we quickly put on the spare (Elder Higham was a Diesel Fitter so he was pretty quick) and rushed to the meeting and were only 5 minutes late! After the meeting we go to lunch together and when we go to leave from lunch the key breaks as Elder Higham starts the car! So, nervous about running out of petrol, we head off to the mission office to get our spare key! It was a fun little road trip as we got to go over this massive bridge that cruise ships go under then through a tunnel that goes under downtown Brissy and the Brisbane river! Hopefully more miracles draw near as we are in the season of celebrating Christ's birth!

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