Thursday, 18 June 2015

Week 58

Today we are going to go golfing with Tau Moga (another member that plays pro rugby) and his cousin Vince. The Moga's are probably the best family in the ward. While we were there one dinner it got out that I can cook so we are going golfing, shopping for food that I am going to cook with, then to their house. I am doing Costa Vida salad! Chicken and Steak because the sweet pork takes to long :( We have some mother son unity going on haha. (I made sweet pork salads for seminary grad dinner the same weekend) The special assignment I am on up here has been successful so far. The ZL's are driving from Cairns to go on a two day trade off with us. It's a good/bad thing when that happens aye.
have studied church history in the Fullness of Times institute manual and learned heaps. I also want one of the replicas Book of Mormons they make. That would be pretty cool. We went pretty hard this week to catch up on what we missed from me being sick. So we went on splits 3 times. It was awesome. I love you mom!

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