Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Week 60 Transfers (11/18)

Alrighty, time for an update! Sorry I'm lazy with this blog but I will try to repent and to better! Last week we got to go to Brisbane! It was awesome! They have NEVER flown all the missionaries to Brisbane. While in Brisbane Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the first quorum of the 70, who is also the area president came for a mission tour. It was awesome. He was so powerful and it was such an uplifting experience. It was especially amazing to see all of my companions (minus Elder Kreth because he finished his mission) and all of the friends I have made on my mission.

After we flew back to T-Ville things started going south. Almost all of our investigators dropped us out of nowhere. We are trying really hard to get them back, but it isn't looking very good. Elder Williamson is now transferred and I have my new companion, Elder He (pronounced Hua). Elder He is from Beijing China! NO ENGLISH MISSIONARIES GET CHINESE SPEAKING COMPANIONS!!! I am so fortunate!!! He got called to the ABM to teach in Chinese but is now here with me in T-Ville. He is already teaching me a lot about his culture and the language. He speaks near perfect English because he spent 4 years in England for school, which is where he met the missionaries and was baptized!

Things are looking up here in Townsville! Hopefully we can finally get that baptism we have been working for! I love you all! Have an amazing week!

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