Friday, 29 August 2014

Week 16 - Temple Week!

August 21st 2014

Things are going well! Lessons are increasing, people are getting more interested and Elder Layton and I are smashing it harder than ever. Yesterday we had district meeting with President Henderson and 2/4 AP's. President did a training following Elder Layton and Elder To'omata. The training was about applying what you know and revelation through the Book of Mormon. How well can you implement/execute/engage? We need to remember that the GOSPEL is the way we get home. We DO NOT BELONG HERE!!!! Part of my job is to help others remember that they are children of our loving Heavenly Father. The most high and powerful being in the universe. We get to return to him if we do the simple things he asks. We must, it is absolutely required of us, to have faith, repent, partake of the sacrament each week (to renew our baptismal covenants), be worthy of and listen to the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end whilst doing good works among others and fulfilling further ordinances. There is no other way. There will never be another way. I love these people enough to go out and tell them that every single day. 99% of them don't care.

August 28th  2014

Temple PDAY!!!!! It's and amazing day to go and learn in the House of the Lord. I am very excited. It was such an awesome week. We are teaching this new family, the Platz/Jelic family. They just moved from Loganholme area. The Sister Missionaries were teaching them for about 4 months. Kath is a disfellowshipped JW. We spent our whole first lesson pretty well bashing and disproving the JW bible. It was hilarious. At the end she said "I can't believe how brainwashed I was." It was crack up. Just a few days back before we taught them a JW lady tried to convert me and she gave me their bible. I was reading it a bit just to see how it was. It is soooo corrupt. They are such a solid family. And her partner's name is Scott so I found that funny. I've also met a Madison and a Logan. I found it funny. LOVE YOU ALL :)

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