Sunday, 28 September 2014

Week 21 - Weird Stuff. Happy Birthday Carter!

September 26th 2014

What a crazy day yesterday. The first thing that happened was a guy that was driving by us threw a lemon at me. He didn't even say anything!! He just threw a lemon at me. WHY DID HE EVEN HAVE A LEMON!?!? Australians are crazy people. The next thing that happened was that our mini-missionary and I who was with us for the week went to go up to knock a door. The guy answers, starts running to the back door of his house and says "sorry boys"! Immediately the Spirit tells me to run soooo we ran! We sprinted past Elder Layton, who was looking awfully confused, and told him to leave. Then to top the day off my bike tyre pops... again! I think that's number 8 or 9 now. Always a fun time on the mish!

September 27th 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER!!! You are 14! It's crazy for me to think how old you are getting. You are becoming a brave warrior in our God's army. You will continue to do great things as you take on new priesthood responsibilities as a teacher. As you heed to the teachings of our Saviour, you will learn the ways of Heaven. Continue to be loving and humble in all you say and do. I love you. Keep being awesome!

Love Elder Bullock :)

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