Sunday, 21 September 2014

Week 20 - Another Soul Converted To Christ

September 21st 2014
What an exciting week! Every single day I have been flat out exhausted! I LOVE IT! The most rewarding part of the day is getting home and reflecting on everything that happened that day. We found a less-active member named Patrick Knight. His partner and kids are all non-members! He does t-shirt printing for work so we are going to get some t-shirts for our district.Which would be awesome since I have been here for so long. Yesterday was Bastian Hanson's baptism! What an amazing experience and a great result of our efforts put into that wonderful family. We love and care about them very much and are so grateful to have Bastian enter the cleansing waters of baptism and for him to recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost which he asked me to give him. I look forward to helping others over this next week take those same steps that Christ has taken to come closer to our Father in Heaven. I absolutely love this marvelous work and the mighty change it brings upon others and myself.

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