Sunday, 14 September 2014

Week 19 - Sanctifying Ourselves

September 11th 2014
Late Tuesday night, as Elder Layton and I were going to bed, he asked me a question that I didn't expect. "What can I do to be a better district leader? How can I experience mighty change?" I didn't really know how to answer so as we worked the following day, I prayed and sought an answer. Also that morning, I was studying a part of lesson 4 in Preach My Gospel chapter 3. I was on the Law of Chastity and came accross the word "fidelity". In the topical guide, fidelity refers to commitment, dedication, dependability, loyalty, perseverance, steadfastness, and trustworthiness. I want to be all of those things and exercise those attributes. I want to be loyal to God and I want Him to trust me. As I prayed I recieved an answer I didn't expect. Wake up at 6, exercise, and start studying by 7:30. I am starting to realize the differences between an obedient missionary and a consecrated missionary. Truly dedicating ALL of my time to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, will help me experience even more of the mighty change.There is a lot of time wasted morning and night so I am going to use all of that time. To speed up my process to be the absolute best missionary I can be. With God, I can truly do anything. I will however, only get as much out as I put in. So I am going to put in everything. Not just for the blessings, but because I really do love Heavenly Father and My brother Jesus Christ. i will become SANCTIFIED. Helaman 3:35
Things have been well. We are preparing for a baptism this Saturday! It is for Bastian Hanson. We have been having dinner with the Hanson's for the past few months and teaching Bastian. They are a family who has recently started coming back to church since I have been visiting them. Every Friday we have "taco night" with them. A delicious, weekly tradition in their family that we are a part of. 

Yesterday in sacrament, Elder Layton and I were asked to give talks based on missionary work.  So I specified and talked on "Our Purpose as Missionaries." What was originally planned to be a 5 minute talk, was taken away by the Holy Ghost and ended up being around 17 minutes. Everyone loved it 
though so all is well that ends well! 

I have really been feeling the love and support from home with a recent package from the 
LeCheminant family as well as a letter from the Trim's. Thank you everyone for you constant love and support! It means a lot!

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