Monday, 8 September 2014

Week 18 - The Book of Mormon, God Be With You till We Meet Again - Transfers (4/18)

September 4th 2014

The past few days have been great! Our investigators are progressing! FINALLY! Why are they progressing? Because they are reading the Book of Mormon! If you want to have any sort of spiritual development, you need to dive into the Book of Mormon. It is a springboard to revelation from God. It will propel you to success, happiness, and will help you overcome trials in life.

Today we had a trade-off with one of the AP's! Elder Tino! He is the man. I learned that it is so important to TEACH PEOPLE, NOT LESSONS! And not just during appointments, but at every single door we knock. That way, the Spirit will always use us to ask inspired questions and discern their needs at the doorstep. Thus, allowing their hearts to be softened and allowing us to teach them. It's amazing how exhausting a full effort is. At the end of the day we had a trade-off review. He said I need to work on teaching people, not lessons. He said my strengths were that I am enthusiastic, positive, and authoritative. That I have all the qualities of a great leader. Which is really scary.

September 8th 2014


Elders Herry, Layton, and Bullock are staying!

6 months in Waterford for this guy!!!!

Elder Motuliki is going :'(

I am gonna miss that guy. He is the man. Easily my favourite Tongan. He is one of my best friends on the mission. He was the last one to go out of those I was with when I started. I almost cried saying goodbye to him. He is a great missionary and will smash his next area. 

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