Sunday, 18 May 2014

Week 2

May 13th 2014

So I had trade-offs for the first time yesterday/today. They were awesome. I went with Elder Kisner, one of the zone leaders, to his area. It was a solid day. Heaps of potentials and heaps of lessons. Kisner is pretty cool.

May 16th 2014

What an amazing day! First it started with an amazing study were I found out a lot about weakness becoming strength. Then a day filled with some really good appointments. Me and Elder Motuliki went to the Liufau's for dinner tonight and man was it ever perfect. Things went so well. We got to know them really well then something amazing happened. As Sister Liufau passed out desert, I realized it was getting kind of late. So I grabbed my scriptures to share a spiritual message. D&C 38:24. It was perfect. I testified and the spirit used me as it's mouth piece. I then asked them to come to chrurch. Elder Motuliki just looks at me and goes "Elder, isn't that your first invitation?!" I of course said "Yes it is!" I explained my happiness and excitement to them. They then told me that they haven't been to church in 1.5 YEARS!!!! And that so many missionaries have asked the to come back but they never wanted to. This time they promised me they would come. That completely solidified my testimony that there are specific people I am here to save.

May 17th 2014

Another day of miracles! So there's this family that the Elders have been trying to teach for about 6 months. And never once even seen the dad as he always hid from the missionaries. But he came out to talk to us! It was awesome! And now he wants to take the disccusions. Then we went for a couple of great lessons. Then it was about 8:00 PM so we were heading back to the flat but we had a prompting to go to a potential investigators house. We got there but no one was home. So we stuck a note in the door. As soon as we were about to leave, they drove up. We had the best talk with them. Now we definitely have two new investigators! This truly is Miracle May! The work of the Lord is incredible and it's hastening. I tristed my knew so hopefully I get the miracle of healing. Two quotes of the day: "You are the author of your own fate" "A coincedence is when you fail to recognize God's hand in your life."

May 18th 2014

Another amazing day! The Liufau's followed up and came to church!!! YESSSS!!! We have another appointment with them this Friday so we have the chance to invite them again. They are gonna be active members again. I'll make sure of it :) They are my first "family"! The Manuel's came as well! They are a family who is commited to baptism and have a date. They even moved up their wedding to June 14th from March of next year! And now they are making it non-alchoholic!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for their baptism! Elder Hansen and Elder Motuliki also had heaps of people come to church. Then we went to the Stehlin's for our regular Sunday lunch. They are such a great family. Now it's time to "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow IT'S P-DAY!!!!"

May 19th 2014

Mom you'll be happy to hear that I am losing weight haha. When i got here I was 235 and now I'm 230. So it's about a half pound a day. Even with the heaps of food people feed us over the weekend.

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