Monday, 12 May 2014

First Week In Aussie Land

May 7th 2014
14000 is a big number. That flight was brutal. Totally smashed me. But it's over now. So first thing first, driving on the left side of the road is nuts. I couldn't even keep track of what was going on. It is so beautiful here. Trees, bushes and all sorts of greenery everywhere. My companion, trainer, and "dad" (missionary talk) is Elder Kreth.He is awesome. Everything I was hoping for in a trainer. After the orientation we headed to the flat. I am currently serving in Eight Mile Plain Zone; Waterford District, in Logan City. I think they sent me here as a joke. A flat is kinda like a two floor apartment that's completely opened up. After I unpacked we biked straight to a lesson. Elder Kreth had me take the lead and it went alright. The Arthur family is awesome. After the lesson we took off and went to a member's home. It kinda seemed like we went in a circle. Eventually we got to the home of.. the Arthurs... I WAS TRICKED! But it was all good. They gave lots of praise which was nice to hear. Then on the way back we started to bike through a park. The tropics of South Queensland are amazing. These 3 HUGE BATS flew right in front of me! These things are the size of eagles. It's insane.
May 9th 2014
So a little-big miracle happened today. Earlier in the morning we were making appointments then the Manuel's called and canceled their's. So we went to bike to the rest of our appointments a little discouraged. My bike tire popped on the way and the closest house was... the Manuel's. So because of my tire, we got into the house of the Manuel's and the commited to baptism! How awesome!! After some visits, tracting, and street contacting today, we started to take our bikes back to the flat. It gets dark here at around 6:15and people start going to bed at 8:00 PM. Seems crazy to me. On the way home we got yelled at heaps. People swearing and telling us Mormons to get the heck out of their city. It made the long walk home way more entertaining!
May 12th 2014
PDAYYYYYY!!! What a glorious word haha. Today so far I've gotten to skype home and do some service work at an investigators. She needed a heap of rubbish off of her lawn by the end of today so we got a trailer from Brother Wakalahi and cleaned it up for her. We punched the address of the tip into the GPS and it started taking us into Brisbane. Which is wayyy out of zone. So we flipped a U-turn and eventually found the tip. We dumped the rubbish and headed back to the flat after dropping off the trailer. Then Elder Mululiki gave me a haircut haha. It looks good. Now I'm emailing and then I'm headed to the shops. Should be a fun day.

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