Sunday, 4 May 2014

MTC Life

Soooo before I get to the heavy stuff I'll open up with a fun little miracle. This morning when I woke up and got my shower stuff, I saw my room key on the desk. I didn't know why but I felt I should take it. Low and behold by the time I was out of the shower all of my roommates were locked out of the room. So listen to your promptings no matter how weird it seems :)

MTC Day 4

Sister Thompson left tonight. Man was it ever rough. I felt like I had completely failed. Like I didn't do enough. I was mad and upset. On the way back from saying goodbye to her I bumped into Wyatt. I explained what happened and how I felt. I ensured me that it wasn't my fault and that I could do nothing about it. He made me realize how important it was just to trust the Lord.

I got a letter from Karl :) Man did that ever make my day. But I was still not at peace with what had happened with Sis Thompson. So I prayed and felt prompted to ask Elder Haycock for a blessing. So him, Palakiko, and Price did so. I felt totally in-tune with the spirit again after wards.

MTC Day 6

Sunday here is awesome. The managing director of the missionary department spoke to us tonight! Brother Allen. It was a good talk. After that I watched a movie by Elder Bednar about being Christ-like and acting outwards.

MTC Day7

So last night/really early this morning, The other district left for the NY, NY mission. I'm gonna miss Haycock soooo much. That man is seriously my brother.

On Tuesday night there is a devotional. THE SPEAKER WAS ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON!!!!!!!!!!
That was the coolest thing ever. This is what I took from it:
"It's greater to be trusted than loved" - Pres. McKay
"I see a smile on his (Heavenly Father) face, a look of pleasure, and his arms out stretched" - Christofferson Apr. 29th 2014 MTC Devotional
"He (Christ) approves of your service. There is no greater respect than his approval" - Christofferson Apr. 29th 2014 MTC Devotional

MTC Day 9

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE CHERRY DR. PEPPER!!!!!! That and Kim sent me brownies :P man am I ever blessed haha. I traded ties with one of my teachers Bro. Belliston today as well. So much fun.

Day 9 pt. 2

Today was in field training. I learned so much about raising the bar. So the new district is great but there are two Elders that stand out. Elder Hickey and his companion, Elder Parkinson. Hickey decided to go home. Even though the MTC is holy ground, it appears that Satan is as strong as ever. After our class ended at 9:30 PM, Wheeler felt that we should have a quick zone meeting. He started to talk about how he felt that God didn't need him here or something. I wasn't really paying that much attention. But guess who decided to walk out? My amazing companion Elder Price. I followed him, naturally. He explained that he didn't feel well with what Wheeler was saying. So he prayed, and felt sick to his stomach. He said that the call of a Prophet, of Christ, and of God, WAS NOT A MISTAKE. There is such a fine line in between comforting and justifying. It was so similar to Sis Thompsons case. So much is starting to make sense now. But during all of this I was more concerned for Elder Parkinson. Earlier at lunch I pulled him aside and talked to him, making sure he was okay. I felt prompted to tell him to be self-less and Christ-like. Later that night in the dorm after everything had happened, I felt that I should talk to him again. I bore the most powerful and inspired testimony I've ever born. And without saying what was said, I now know the true meaning of being Christ-like. I have once again been converted even further. Parkinson is like my brother. Just like Haycock was an example to me, I am an example to him. He told me "without a doubt, I am doing the right thing. I will give my all in the field, because of you". I told him of course that it was the Lord and the Holy Ghost, not just me. I can't express in words how I feel now. I WILL SAVE PEOPLES ETERNAL LIVES. That is my true purpose as a representative of my Savior, my Redeemer, my Brother, Jesus Christ. In his name, Amen.

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